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Maximo Park’s Paul Smith in league with Field Music man

By | Published on Friday 15 August 2014

Paul Smith & Peter Brewis

Maximo Park slick Paul Smith has ‘linked’ with Field Music’s Peter Brewis in order to make, and later release, a joint LP. ‘Frozen By Sight’ is its name, and “playful, restrained and richly descriptive” is (/are?) its game(s).

Anyhow it’ll make it into shops all over the world on 17 Nov, via Memphis Industries, with the pair set to play several live dates with a nine-man band around the same time.

Talking, Smith says: “We allowed the words to guide where the music was going in order to break free of more traditional pop structures”.

And Brewis chips in: “We wanted to touch on a point somewhere between composition, songwriting and improvisation, but we also wanted to keep a sense of humour and a sense of the everyday”.

Try ‘Frozen By Sight’ song ‘Barcelona (At Eye Level)’ and a tracklisting for size, in that order, immediately!

Old Odeon
Santa Monica
Exiting Hyde Park Towers
Barcelona (At Eye Level)
L.A. Street Cleaner
A Town Called Letter
Mount Wellington Rises
Perth to Bunbury
St Peter’s