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McCartney blames “bloody great bell” for poor Olympics performance

By | Published on Tuesday 11 December 2012

Paul McCartney

Hey, remember the Olympics Opening Ceremony? That thing that heralded two weeks of everyone in Great Britain being proud of themselves and happy before the Closing Ceremony brought it all crashing back down again? It was such a positive time that even Paul McCartney ballsing up the big finale of the opening show couldn’t sway our optimism. Thankfully, he’s just given an interview to the NME reminding us all how rubbish he was. But wait, it wasn’t his fault. There was a bell.

Explaining how he came to be out of sync with his backing track, McCartney told the NME: “I fucked up. I was supposed to wait for a cue. But I forgot. Why? Well, there’s this bloody great bell that we didn’t know about. It was deafening… We pre-recorded a playback in case all hell broke loose. We were live, everyone was there, the world was ready and this bloody great bell goes off. And I forget I’ve gotta wait for it, so I go, ‘Hey Jude’, and someone presses the playback. So there’s me on the backing track, and actual me; two of us singing. The drummer wouldn’t look at me because he was in hysterics and I was thinking, ‘What have I done?’ There was no stopping, it was the Olympics”.

Make a note: No bells next time we hold the Olympics.