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McFly announce new single and album

By | Published on Monday 27 July 2020


McFly have announced that they will release their first single for seven years, ‘Happiness’, later this week. This follows the band’s announcement that they had signed a new record deal with BMG earlier this month. A new album, ‘Young Dumb Thrills’, is out later this year.

Of the new single, Tom Fletcher says: “This song was always the clear choice to come back with – as soon as we wrote ‘Happiness’, it kind of defined where the rest of the album went”.

Danny Jones adds: “There’s that hands-in-the-air feeling about it, like when you’re drunk or you’re having a barbecue. You can put it on and your kids will dance to it, your wife will dance to it, your granddad, everybody, even the lads!”

No! Not the lads! It must be quite a song. Jones adds that the band’s extended break has been rejuvenating, saying: “I think the break we had from one another made all this fresh again – it made it really exciting”.

“There was a new vibe and open-mindedness to it all”, he concludes, “and recording near our homes gave us so much freedom – it didn’t matter if someone had to leave for the day, which meant we didn’t overthink anything too much. Recording just became part of our lives”.

‘Happiness’ will be out this Thursday, with ‘Young Dumb Thrills’ set to follow on 13 Nov.