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McFly’s Dougie Poynter launches new band, Ink

By | Published on Thursday 15 March 2018


McFly bassist Dougie Poynter has formed a new band, Ink. He is joined by vocalist and guitarist Todd Dorigo and drummer Corey Alexander. Their debut EP, ‘Heaven’, is out now.

Something of a shift from McFly, the band list their influences as The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, The National and Nirvana, as well as authors such as Alan Ginsberg, Vladimir Nabokov and Jack Kerouac.

Staving off any concerns that all this might imply a McFly split, the band said via Twitter yesterday: “We as McFly just want to say how much we support Dougie and wish him well with his new band Ink. Even though we are all working on solo projects in 2018, McFly are still looking forward to working on a new record some time in the future”.

Meanwhile, Ink said of their first foray into releasing recorded music: “We’ve been busy conjuring up this world in which Ink can exist and now we’re finally ready to throw open the gates and populate it!”

And so the four tracks on ‘Heaven’ are the first to take up residence. You can listen to them all via your digital music service of choice right now. Or ease yourself into their world with this brief trailer: