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McGee offers “no apology” for [PIAS] fire comments

By | Published on Monday 12 September 2011

Alan McGee

Alan McGee has written on his new Huffington Post blog saying that he makes “no apology” for recently saying that he thought that the Sony DADC warehouse burning down was funny. The former Creation Records boss claims that the furore that blew up around the quote, made on stage at Australian music business conference BigSound last week, was just “wet liberal bullshit” from the “British PC media”.

As previously reported, during the 30 minute Q&A session last week, the former Creation Records owner said: “I read that the Sony building burnt down. I’m probably the only person who thought that was funny. I call that a result. Got rid of all the shit music. And you get paid for it [via insurance, for] the stuff you couldn’t sell”.

In his blog post, seemingly still unaware that Sony Music itself didn’t store any products in the warehouse, McGee wrote: “I laughed at Sony’s Enfield warehouse burning down when people were rioting. I thought it was funny then and still do now … All that shit music burned into the ether – why wouldn’t I laugh?”

He continued: “I actually walked away from music four years ago so I was unaware [PIAS] had any offices or records stored there. I have no issue with [PIAS] but I do however hate Sony – it’s personal. So there is no apology and there is no retraction. In a 30 minute speech in Brisbane, this was a ten second comment”.

Musing further he said that there was nothing to worry about anyway: “I just thought a load of shit music getting destroyed was doing the world a favour! So there is no apology and there is no retraction. In truth, Sony and [PIAS] will be insured for every single unit at cost and so will get their money back on a load of CDs which were never going to sell anyway! It is all wet liberal bullshit, basically”.

Taking a positive from the whole situation, McGee said: “All that Twitter attention has now doubled my price for speaking engagements, so my agent has informed me. So, I thank the PC police for upping my future fees”.

So, there you go conference organisers, one retired music industry figure who admits he doesn’t really know what’s going on any more available for hire now. Manufactured controversy included.

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