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McGee on [PIAS] fire: “I thought it was funny”

By | Published on Thursday 8 September 2011

Alan McGee

Oh, Alan McGee, what won’t you say? The former Creation Records owner delivered some classic quotes, as you’d expect him to, when he spoke at Australian music business conference BigSound yesterday, some of which Aussie music business site The Music Network has captured at the link below.

But the one that has got the most attention was his remark regarding the recent fire at the Sony DADC centre in North London, caused during the recent London riots, and which led to stock owned by numerous British indie labels distributed by [PIAS] being destroyed.

Says Alan: “I read that the Sony/[PIAS] building burnt down. I’m probably the only person who thought that was funny. I call that a result. Got rid of all the shit music. And you get paid for it, the stuff you couldn’t sell”. I say again, “oh Alan”.

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