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McGee talks more about new music venture plans

By | Published on Thursday 4 October 2012

Alan McGee

Alan McGee has spoken some more about his plans to set up a new label, telling Louder Than War that it will take at least six months to get something off the ground, not least because he hasn’t yet decided quite what exactly it is that he will be getting off said ground. Though whatever his new venture ends up looking like, it won’t be called Creation.

McGee: “I have loads on my plate right at this moment and we want to get this set up properly. We are keen to make a vehicle for music; we are just not sure what the vehicle is at the moment, with the collapse of old style record labels. We are coming up with a new idea of how to do this. I suppose in some ways we are trying to reinvent the wheel. Luckily my lawyers and the people who want to do this with me are all super smart”.

On a name for the new venture, he says he feels the Creation thing “has been done”, adding “it’s not 1999, this isn’t a nostalgia exercise, we have some serious backers wanting to do it”.

McGee hinted at plans to launch a new music company in a couple of interviews earlier this summer, though he said that he had film and book projects to get out of the way first.