McGee vows to sue news international over hacking

By | Published on Tuesday 8 November 2011

Alan McGee

Alan McGee has revealed in his Huffington Post blog that he has been identified as one of the ever-growing number of celebrities and public figures possibly targeted by the good old News Of The World in its campaign of phone hacking.

The former Creation Records boss wrote: “I recently returned to Wales after a trip to London and as I stepped foot through the door, I was greeted with a letter from the Metropolitan Police in London. It turns out that my name has popped up in the News Of The World phone hacking case and they are investigating as I type. In truth, I would have been gutted to think I wasn’t worth at least a little hack! Imagine being deemed by the people at News Of The World as not being in the top 8000 most interesting people?”

He continued: “Joking aside, if the police confirm that I have indeed been hacked, and even though this will have been years ago, I will still sue. I couldn’t abide NOTW, so I won’t be losing sleep in suing them. The joke to me is that in the period they are talking about, whoever had the pleasure to get into my voicemail would have just been faced with hour-long Courtney Love rambles from LA about her new songs at 5am UK time. I hope they enjoyed their hack there (if obviously it happened) and I pity them having to listen to all that madness…”

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