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MCPS agrees new production music rates with indie telly show makers

By | Published on Thursday 15 January 2015


The UK music publishing sector’s mechanical rights collecting society, so good old MCPS, has announced a new set of production music rates for indie television producers, following negotiations between the rights body and the Producers Alliance For Cinema And Television.

The PRS For Music company, which continues to manage MCPS’s royalty collections even though the mechanical rights body is no longer a shareholder in it, was also part of the conversation with the telly programme makers.

Confirming that new rates had been agreed with PACT, MCPS CEO Jane Dyball told reporters: “As part of our overhaul of music licensing, we have recognised that our licences need to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of the television production marketplace. We have been working closely with our partners, such as PACT, to develop new rates which meet the industry’s requirement for simple licences offering multiple rights. Our mantra going forward is ‘more rights, in more repertoire, more easily’. This is our first step towards ensuring our goal becomes a reality”.

Meanwhile PACT boss John McVay said: “MCPS and PRS For Music, much like PACT, are seeking to create a sustainable model that rewards creative work and the value of copyright so we are fully supportive of this new cost effective approach. We are keen to see the unique relationship between our two industries develop and build in the coming years”.