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MelodyVR teams up with Telefónica in Germany

By | Published on Tuesday 4 October 2016


Virtual reality music platform MelodyVR has announced a partnership with tel co Telefónica in Germany.

As part of the deal, a ‘lite’ version of the company’s app will be showcased in over 600 O2 stores in Germany, with another 42 shops setting aside an area to allow folk to try out the full experience. As previously reported, MelodyVR’s app, which is due to launch later this year, features live performances and other content from Skepta, The Who and the London Symphony Orchestra, among others.

“We’re hugely excited to see the MelodyVR platform made available across O2 stores in Germany”, says MelodyVR founder Anthony Matchett. “Prior to the wider launch of our platform, we’ll be previewing a bespoke ‘lite’ version of the MelodyVR app, containing a cut down selection of content, that will showcase the potential of VR and MelodyVR to thousands of O2 customers over the coming months, as well as throughout the 2016/17 festive period”.

But if you don’t fancy a trip to Germany just to check out some virtual reality flim flam, back in the UK Sky is getting in on the act, launching a new Sky VR app for Android, iOS and Oculus Rift. You can use it to watch 360° videos, which isn’t the most exciting use of VR technology, and there’s no music on it as far as I can see. If you like sport though, there are some sport clips. Oh, and there’s a Star Wars thing.

All hail the future of looking at stuff.