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Metallica and San Francisco Symphony to reprise 1999 S&M show

By | Published on Friday 2 August 2019


Marking the 20th anniversary of their ‘S&M’ album, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony are teaming up for their first performance together since 1999. The performance, dubbed ‘S&M?’, will be broadcast in cinemas around the world in October.

The broadcast is being managed by Trafalgar Releasing, and the company’s Kymberli Frueh says in a statement: “Trafalgar Releasing is excited to give Metallica fans around the world a chance to celebrate this anniversary concert together in local cinemas in October”.

She goes on: “The original collaboration between two San Francisco legends – Metallica and San Francisco Symphony – became a true moment in music history two decades ago. Reuniting again to perform ‘S&M?’ is a salute to the legendary collaboration and creates a special moment for Metallica fans to see this iconic pairing”.

Was that overselling it a bit? It feels like it might have been overselling it a bit. Well, whatever, tickets for this monumental, life-changing event will go on sale on 7 Aug. You can sign up to receive information, when there is some, at