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Single Review: Mew – Repeaterbeater (Sony/Columbia)

By | Published on Friday 18 December 2009


There’s this genre of music I like to call goosebump-pop. You know, the kind of music that makes the hairs on your arms stand on end, and your heart race, and your eyes tear up a little (but only when you’re alone, of course). M83 makes this kind of music, as do Sigur Rós and Oceansize. And, of course, Mew. I think Mew maybe even invented it.

‘Repeaterbeater’, the latest single to be taken from Mew’s fifth album, ‘No More Stories’, is heavy-paced and thumping, but at the same time, light as a feather. In every possible brilliant way. It’s spine-shivering, throat-tightening, uplifting stuff we have here, and proof that Mew have every right to act as superior as they like.

You can’t really say, ‘Hell yeah, Mew are back on form!’, because… well, they never fell off ‘form’ in the first place. They’ve always been fucking stellar. And that’s that. TW

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