Mew to release new single through app

By | Published on Thursday 19 September 2013


Mew have announced that they are releasing a new song later this month through an app called ‘Sensory Spaces’, which the band have developed as part of their previously reported partnership with Bang & Olufsen’s B&O Play brand.

Using the app through a mobile device, fans will have to move around to find different elements of the new song, entitled ‘Making Friends’, only unlocking the complete recording once all of its different parts have been discovered.

Guitarist Bo Madsen told CMU: “Mew has always been about playing. About turning things upside down and expanding the limits of the music experience. The same applies to ‘Sensory Spaces’. We wanted to present our listeners with something different while also revealing some of the stuff that is in store. In addition it is a tiny peek behind the drapes of a band which in its nature is rather private”.

The free app will be made available for iPhone and iPad users on 25 Sep. And if you’re still a little confused about what exactly it is that it does, have a little watch of this video (it might help):