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MIA calls for speedier action on live licensing reform

By | Published on Tuesday 11 January 2011

Music Industries Association

The Music Industries Association, which represents the musical  instrument sector, has called on the government to get cracking with reforms of the 2003 Licensing Act, rules from which it Рand various other groups Рsay are damaging the grass roots music sector.

MIA says that 75% of stakeholders in live music, including the local councils which licence live events, support a change in the current licensing system, which was put in place by the 2003 act. After numerous reviews of the new licensing rules, MIA says change is needed quickly to make it easier to stage low key grass roots music events.

As previously reported, a private members bill put forward by Liberal Lord Tim Clement-Jones under the last government addresses many of the issues live music campaigners have raised. He resubmitted his proposals to parliament after last year’s General Election, but they are still someway off becoming law, currently awaiting a second reading in the House Of Lords. The government, of course, has the power to speed up the passing of Clement-Jones’ bill, or something similar.

MIA boss Paul McManus tells CMU: “We are increasingly frustrated by the failure by government to act on this matter. With growing evidence of the damage being done to venues up and down the country, we think it is about time these amendments were made into law. Live music is the lifeblood of the music industry, and small venues are often the first chance a young or new musician gets to perform and we must do all we can to ensure government legislation does not frustrate this”.