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Michael Buble loses tooth to microphone on stage

By | Published on Wednesday 21 May 2014

Michael Bublé

It’s a dangerous world out there popstars. You might think of that friendly looking microphone as an ally, whose only reason for existing is to help your voice boom above all others. But perhaps you’re using a rogue mic. One that’s just biding its time to attack.

Just ask the Buble. Mike’s mic attacked him mid-song last Friday night during a show in Australia, out there on stage in front of his adoring audience, and he lost a whole tooth during the skirmish. Though ever the pro, the Buble didn’t even flinch and the show went on regardless; which is good news for the microphone, imagine being at the receiving end of a room full of angry Buble fans.

The crooner revealed the terrible tooth incident over the weekend by posting a photo from his dentist’s chair onto Instagram, noting: “Thankfully no one knew, but I knocked my tooth out with my microphone last night during the second song!! Don’t worry, I’m at the dentist getting fixed up for my final show tonight in Sydney”.

Buble’s tour moves on to New Zealand today where the authorities are on high alert for any unruly microphones trying to enter the country. Meanwhile, popstars, be careful out there. But don’t have nightmares. And do sleep well.