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Michael Eavis gets the good old MIT Award, and Lars Ulrich speaks!

By | Published on Wednesday 5 November 2014

Michael Eavis

So, do you want to read the speech Metallica’s Lars Ulrich gave on Monday night honouring Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis? Well, do you? I mean, do you really want to? Because I’ve no time for any time wasters here. You’re going to have to really want this.

Like, really want it. Because there’s plenty of people who kind of want it, but the internet’s a busy place, and if I’m going to add to the congestion by sending you in the general direction of The Guardian’s website, I’ve got to know you really want it. I mean, we’re in Shoreditch, they’re Kings Cross, and the Pentonville Road’s busy enough at this time of day without your digital packets clogging things up.

And just because everything’s free in this crazy internet age, it doesn’t mean you should be just helping yourself to any old niggins and noggins even though you’re not really interested. Be selective. Be choosy. Be sincere. Given some time, some consideration, some thought, where are you heading in life, what do you want, what do you need?

And if, and only if, you decide that you’re heading towards Lars Ulrich’s speech honouring Michael Eavis, that an Eavis honouring statement is what you want, and that a Glastonbury-style eulogy from a metalhead who happened to play there this year is what you need, well, I’ve got something special just for you. Click here to read what Lars Ulrich had to say about Michael Eavis at the Music Industry Trusts Awards dinner held in the Glastonbury man’s honour on Monday night.

And you should. It’s good. Eavis is a worthy winner. And the whole thing’s in aid of charity. In fact, now I think about it, I’m surprised and slightly disappointed you didn’t all just click on that Guardian link from the off. Have you no respect?