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Michael Kiwanuka and Tom Misch issue Money

By | Published on Thursday 20 June 2019

Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka and Tom Misch have released a new single together titled ‘Money’. The track also features Yebba on backing vocals.

“The premise of ‘Money’ is that, at first listen, it’s a song about money and how much I want it and love it”, says Kiwanuka. “I want to use money to meet people and be around people that have a lot of it. But as you listen closer, it’s actually about how too much love for money can be dangerous”.

Misch adds: “I have been a big fan of Michael for a few years, so I was really excited to work with him. In the session it was cool to find we share a common love for 80s disco so we thought we would try something with that vibe. It came together really quickly and I enjoyed producing it, Michael killed it on the vocals”.

Listen to ‘Money’ here: