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Mick Jagger not writing autobiography

By | Published on Friday 24 January 2014

Mick Jagger

If you were hoping for a Mick Jagger autobiography, like the one bandmate Keith Richards penned a couple of years back, then you’re out of luck. Though if you have an internet connection, he’ll point you in the direction of the information you require.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jagger said: “I think the rock n roll memoir is a glutted market. I’d rather be doing something new. I’d rather be making new films, making new music, be touring. If someone wants to know what I did in 1965, they can look it up on Wikipedia without even spending any money”.

Or you can stay right here, because I’ve already checked it out. Here’s everything Jagger did in 1965:

• Turned 21
• Played a concert at Georgia Southern College
• Played 34 shows for about 100,000 people in Australia and New Zealand
• Had a number one album in the UK and US
• Had two number one singles in the UK and US

I can’t see how Mick Jagger could bring much more insight to all that.