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Mick Jones launches his own British music collection

By | Published on Monday 9 February 2009

Mick Jones, he of The Clash and other musical enterprises, is planning on countering the previously reported British Music Experience, due to open at the Dome next month, with a more modest though possibly much more fascinating rock n roll exhibition all of his own.

As previously reported, the BME will open in The O2 in Greenwich next month and aim to be a permanent exhibition championing British pop music, with costumes and instruments and video displays and what not – it’s set to be a right glitzy affair.

But real fans of the London music scene may be more interested in Jones’ exhibition of what can be best described as “stuff” – music related books, videos, toys, games, flyers, tickets, posters, photos etc etc – which will be put on show on the West side of the capital, at the Chelsea Space, from 18 Mar-18 Apr. Some of the stuff relates to Jones’ own bands, though the rest is a random assortment of rock related stuff he’s acquired over the years.

The official statement for the exhibition says that, for Jones “this will represent a first attempt to unpack, look at, and think about a small proportion of the mass of material he has accumulated and decide what to do next. He envisages this collection one day becoming a freely available resource – a Rock & Roll Public Library”.

Press info about the Chelsea exhibition from Coalition.