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Midem publishes white paper on the digital transparency debate

By | Published on Monday 23 October 2017

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To coincide with the previously reported publication last week of the new ‘Digital Dollar’ guides by the UK’s Music Managers Forum, music business conference Midem has published a new white paper by CMU’s Chris Cooke on ‘The Transparency Debate’.

There are two new MMF guides, both produced by CMU’s consultancy unit CMU Insights as part of the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ project. ‘The Deals Guide’ identifies ten different kinds of label and distribution deals now available to artists, while ‘The Transparency Guide’ identifies 20 pieces of data and information artists and managers need from their labels, distributors, publishers and collecting societies in order to understand how their music is performing in the digital space.

The latter guide is part of the ongoing debate in the music community about the need for more transparency in the streaming music domain. That debate is reviewed in the new white paper, which has been published on Midem’s Music Industry Insights website.

The white paper starts: “There has been much debate within the music industry in recent years about the need for more transparency in the digital music market. These discussions centre on the data and information all stakeholders in the streaming business – artists, songwriters, record producers and their managers, lawyers and accountants; record labels, distributors, music publishers and collective management organisations – need to truly capitalise on the potential of the rapidly growing streaming platforms. But who needs to be more transparent about what, exactly?”

Launching the white paper, Midem CEO Alexandre Deniot says: “There has been a lot of talk about transparency at Midem in recent years. We have also heard about the platforms and portals which have been built by the streaming services, record labels, distributors, music publishers and collecting societies to share more data and information with artists and songwriters. As these platforms and portals continue to evolve, it’s good to consider what else is required to ensure a transparent streaming business for all”.

He continues: “This exclusive white paper from Chris Cooke at CMU Insights for Midem thus provides a great overview of this important debate within the music industry”.

You can access the white paper here.