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Midem White Paper: AI – The Next Revolution In Music?

By | Published on Sunday 25 February 2018

CMU Insights has teamed up with music business conference Midem to produce a white paper on new technologies likely to impact on the music community in the next decade.

The history of the music industry is basically a story about how a sequence of new technologies respectively transformed the way music is made, performed, recorded, distributed and consumed. Each new chapter begins as a new technology takes hold and kick-starts a revolution. Though each time that happens, we know that another equally revolutionary technology isn’t far way.

Three technologies that could have a major impact on the music industry in the coming decade can all be loosely placed under the banner ‘artificial intelligence’. Depending on your definition of ‘artificial intelligence’, these technologies are either already examples of AI in action, or they are prototypes that will ultimately embrace machine learning to become ever more sophisticated, as AI at large becomes more efficient and more affordable.

The white paper reviews recent developments and future trends in audio recognition, automated messaging and music composition AI, and features interviews with tech makers WARM, DJ Monitor, Dubset, POP, Jukedeck and Rotor.

CLICK HERE to download a free copy of the white paper from the Midem website.