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Migos accuse their longtime lawyer of betrayal and incompetence, sue for millions

By | Published on Thursday 16 July 2020


Rap trio Migos have sued their longtime lawyer Damien Granderson who they accuse of charging excessive fees, failing to obtain written agreements, and failing to declare a conflict of interest – the latter because he also represents their label Quality Control Music

“This action arises out of that timeless tale about the world famous music group who was robbed out of and cheated out of millions of dollars by those individuals who the group hired to look out for it and its members’ best interests”, the lawsuit begins.

And if you thought that was a pretty bold opening, the second sentence declares: “Defendant Damien Granderson is the personification of a self-absorbed shyster lawyer who saw his clients as a mechanism to get rich by any means necessary, including at his clients’ expense”.

As for the conflict of interest allegations, the lawsuit goes on: “With greed on his mind, Granderson saw the trio as easy targets to coax into one-sided deals that benefited Granderson and Granderson’s higher-priority client, Quality Control Music. Unbeknownst to Migos, Granderson’s representation of QCM created an incurable conflict of interest and Granderson’s primary loyalty was QCM, the upstart company that signed Migos to an exclusive recording contract in 2013”.

Various other allegations of betrayal, incompetence and negligence then follow. Ultimately the group wants to get out of its ongoing commitments to Granderson and his current law firm, the return of past payments to the tune of millions, and some lovely punitive damages.

Given the bold statements that run throughout the group’s legal filing, we await Granderson’s response with interest.