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Miley Cyrus’ manager says her image is fine

By | Published on Tuesday 16 July 2013

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ manager has responded to criticism that the current image of the former child star as she attempts to shift to a more grown up audience is a bit too sexual, and is possibly a cynical move on his part.

Larry Rudolph, who has also overseen other teen-to-adult-star transitions for artists including Britney Spears and Christian Aguilera, told The Hollywood Reporter that there’s no evil masterplan, saying: “Miley is doing it now organically. There’s no such thing as ‘OK, let’s figure out the plan for growing up’. It doesn’t work. The public sees through it in two seconds, and every artist who’s tried to do it has failed”.

He continued: “Some artists have it, some don’t have it, in terms of the ability to make that transition. Most don’t, but you can’t plan for it. If you get to that point, you hope it happens. If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t in the cards”.