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Ministry Of Sound advert not in breach of rules, says ASA

By | Published on Thursday 1 May 2014

MOS Sound Of Trap

The Advertising Standards Authority has decided not to take action against Ministry Of Sound, following a number of complaints about the TV advert for its ‘The Sound Of Trap’ compilation.

Four people complained that the advert, which featured a woman twerking on a council estate, was overtly sexual and demeaning to women. However, in its response, ad firm Clearcast said that while the dancing was provocative, it did not agree that it was overtly sexual, due to only her arms and midriff being exposed and no other people being present.

The ASA concurred with this response, saying that it “acknowledged that the ad contained scenes of dancing known as ‘twerking'”, and adding that “in the context of an ad advertising a dance CD, the dancing would be regarded as reflecting the genre of music that was being promoted”.

You can watch the ad, but not be offended, here: