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Mixcloud announces stats and new advisors as it passes five years

By | Published on Monday 15 December 2014


Audio-sharing platform Mixcloud – you know, the one with the music rights sorted via PRS and PPL licences – is celebrating its fifth birthday, and has announced that over six million mixes and shows have now been uploaded to its platform by 650,000 mixers and content creators. The company has also confirmed the addition of Fred McIntyre and Richard Cohen to its board of advisors.

If you want some more Mixcloud stats, well, you’re in luck. Of the six million pieces of content uploaded to Mixcloud, 200,000 went live in the last month alone, and with uploads averaging 45 minutes (Mixcloud is for mixes and radio-style programmes rather than single tracks), according to the firm’s maths that’s four hours of content being added every minute.

Co-founder Nico Perez told reporters this morning: “To put this into perspective, 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. So we could not be happier with our performance, considering we have never had any form of external commercial backing. Over five years, we have steadily and organically grown to over twelve million monthly users, despite many of our high profile competitors receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in funding”.

New advisor McIntyre has previously worked at the likes of, CBS and AOL, while Cohen is founder and CEO of music media company LoveLive. On his new advisors, Perez continues: “Fred has an enormous amount of experience leading the product, and is pertinently based in the Bay Area. Richard brings an incredible wealth of knowledge around working with brand partners and the live music space. We’re excited about the collective IQ that they bring to the table and how they can help us build a product that brings the best ingredients of radio to streaming”.