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Mixmag announces greatest DJs ever

By | Published on Thursday 20 January 2011


Remember how Mixmag was compiling a list of the ‘greatest DJs of all time’ by getting DJs and music pundits to nominate contenders and then asking clubbers of the world to vote? Well, look here, this is the final top ten in reverse order. Woo.

10. 2ManyDJs
9. Sasha
8. Tony De Vit
7. Paul van Dyk
6. Andy C
5. Ricardo Villalobos
4. Carl Cox
3. Sven Väth
2. Richie Hawtin
1. Tiësto

Mixmag editor man Nick DeCosemo told CMU: “Obviously with any public poll the results reflect current popularity as much as overall contribution, but we think that the top ten reflects a great spread of dance music genres and DJs over time; from techno, well represented by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth, to drum n bass with Andy C or hard dance with the sadly departed Tony De Vit. And of course, Tiësto, undoubtedly the biggest DJ in history”.

He continued: “For us, though, the result has always been secondary. The really great thing is the way that the process has sparked such passionate debate – from Facebook and Twitter to clubs and after parties around the world. Also, we hope we’ve achieved our aim of opening clubbers’ eyes to some of the lesser known pioneers of the scene, DJs like Francis Grasso, Larry Levan and even Jimmy Saville (all included in our shortlist) who were so pivotal in creating the culture that we know and love today. We don’t expect the debate to end here!”