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Mixmag Japan launches

By | Published on Tuesday 17 October 2017

Mixmag Japan

Mixmag has launched its latest international edition, Mixmag Japan. Based in Tokyo, the Japanese version of the magazine will be a free quarterly publication available in bars, clubs and record shops around the country. It will also have its own localised website.

The launch comes just over two years after Japan lifted its controversial ‘no dancing’ law, which prohibited public dancing in venues without a licence and ordered all dancing to stop at midnight. Although a blind eye was often turned to the rule, its lifting means there are greater opportunities to promote Japan’s nightlife.

Commenting on the launch, Japanese politician Tsukasa Akimoto says: “Since the entertainment law has been revised, it’s now legal to run the night time entertainment business so we can create opportunities for promoting dance culture and related artists to flourish and succeed”.

He adds: “Government is now focusing on increasing numbers of inbound tourists and since their interest is shifting from shopping binges to experiences, refining night time entertainment will be the key for tourism. I hope Mixmag Japan will play a great role of dissemination of information, introducing great Japanese talent to the outside world”.

Mixmag MD Nick Stevenson chips in: “Mixmag’s job globally has never been more important. With more music, events, festivals and clubbers than ever there’s never been an more vital time for dance music to have a curator, able to filter out the noise and bring the best music and events to the foreground”.

He goes on: “Japan has been at the forefront of dance culture since the very start. It was Japanese engineers and visionaries that created the 808, 303, 909, the direct drive deck and CDJs that make DJing possible. Japan’s incredible nightclubs and festivals are what have driven and inspired artists to strive for perfection and its population of music fans have created the country that every DJ dreams of one day playing to”.

He concludes: “With its own Mixmag, Japan now has it’s own media brand to celebrate the best of its home grown talent, shining a spotlight not just here in Japan but sharing the news, talent and music across the world. [And] what is more exciting than sharing the most important news, playing the best new tunes or going to the best parties?”

Check out the Mixmag Japan website here.