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Mixmag launches in Ukraine

By | Published on Thursday 24 August 2023


Mixmag has announced the opening of a new office in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv which will produce digital, social and video content that covers the country’s dance music scene. It’s part of a partnership with Ukrainian music company Go West.

Says Mixmag’s Global Managing Director Nick Stevenson: “As the newest location for the world’s biggest dance music and media brand, Mixmag Ukraine will give hope, inspiration, ambition and motivation to Ukraine’s DJs, producers, promoters, dancers, clubbers, party people and fans of electronic music”.

The launch has been announced on what is Independence Day in Ukraine, which commemorates the country’s formal declaration of independence from the Soviet Union back in 1991. And, of course, the arrival of a Ukrainian Mixmag comes as the country continues to fight a war with Russia following its invasion in February 2022.

The new Mixmag Ukraine team reference both these things in their announcement of the launch. They say that they hope the arrival of a Ukrainian version of Mixmag “will be a good motivating stimulus for the local electronic scene, which has been fighting and resisting Russian aggression for more than a year and a half doing numerous charity parties, releasing compilations and supporting the community”.

“In recent years, the electronic scene in Ukraine has taken a big step forward”, they go on. “Mixmag Ukraine aims to introduce the global audience to numerous new artists, labels and releases from Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa and other Ukrainian cities. We will also be happy to provide a platform for authors, journalists and reviewers from Ukraine who want to write about their scenes, heroes, events and stories”.

“The launch of Mixmag Ukraine is a joyful and symbolic event for all of us”, they conclude. “That is why we launch the website on Independence Day. By doing this, we want to inspire our people to create further, achieve success and keep an unshakable faith in victory”.