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MixRadio to spin off from Microsoft/Nokia

By | Published on Monday 21 July 2014

Nokia MixRadio

Following the news last week that IT giant Microsoft planned to shed a mere 18,000 jobs across its business over the next year, including 12,500 from the Nokia business it acquired last year, it looks likely that Nokia MixRadio, the phone-maker’s most recent and least lame attempt at a music service, could be spun off into a standalone business. Albeit one that would retain a close alliance with Microsoft, which also has its own music ventures.

The Nokia music platform’s Jyrki Rosenberg told MusicAlly last week: “Basically, we’re planning a spin-off. Microsoft is going to focus on developing and maintaining the best operating system for consumers to use music and entertainment with their choice of third-party applications”.

Rosenberg added that the MixRadio app would still be pre-loaded on Windows-powered smartphones, but operating apart from Microsoft and Nokia, the firm would be able to pursue partnerships elsewhere too.

He said: “For me personally it’s very exciting. I’ve been meeting with potential investors around the world in the last few weeks. We have very strong interest from investors in the US, Europe and Asia, and we remain open for further discussions”.