More Gtunes speculation – now they’re talking to Harry

By | Published on Tuesday 27 July 2010

Google has accelerated talks regarding the launch of its much talked about download store, according to the New York Post. The paper’s main proof of this seems to be sources who say that the web firm is in talks with the Harry Fox Agency, the US equivalent of MCPS in the digital domain.

As previously reported, speculation has been rife for months (well, years actually, but more so in recent months) that the web firm is about to launch one of those iTunes-killing music services. Up until now Google’s music dabblings have been based around its existing search service, and have piggy backed on other music platforms like MySpace Music for actual audio content. It is thought the net giant is now planning a proper download and streaming service, presumably tapping into all that consumer data they have on us Gmail users.

As also previously reported, last week commentators noted that Google had hired the services of legal lady Elizabeth Moody, who specialises in negotiating licensing deals between digital firms and record companies.