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More Momentum mular meted out

By | Published on Wednesday 12 August 2015

Momentum Music Fund

So who, we’re all wondering – aren’t we? are we? I think we are – who, you’re all saying – aren’t you? are you? I think you are – who, you’re all demanding, with increased volume, as this sentence starts to run on at length going nowhere fast, who are the bands getting funding from the Momentum Music initiative. Ah, Momentum grants. You should have said. We could have got to this list way quicker than that.

So yes, here are the artists getting a little bag of cash from the Arts Council England-funded, PRS For Music Foundation-organised, Spotify-supported Momentum Music Fund. And do read the list in its entirety won’t you? Including the bits that tell you what they’re getting the money for. It took me ages to format it. Please don’t put tabs in press releases. And if everyone could just adopt the CMU Style Guide, that would be great.

We do actually have a CMU Style Guide, by the way. It says, for example, “companies are always referred to in the singular, except CMU which can be described as ‘we’, because it makes us sound nice and friendly, not like those other corporate fuck faces”. Perhaps we’ll publish it, then everyone can start writing their press releases right.

Anyway, recently momentumised artists…

Ben Khan – touring
Bill Ryder-Jones – touring
FARAO – marketing
Francis Lung – mastering, marketing two EPs and touring
Kate Simko & London Electric Orchestra – EP marketing and recording debut album
Little Simz – mastering & marketing of debut album & touring
Mo Kolours – mixing & mastering of 2nd album
Mr Bigz – recording & promotion of EP & touring
Silvastone – recording & marketing of EP & touring
Spring King – studio time, single release, marketing & touring
Telegram – recording, mixing & mastering of debut album
Victories At Sea – album marketing & tour
The Xcerts – recording of fourth album
XO – marketing & touring
YUNGEN – recording, marketing & production of EP
Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England, said:

There were some quotes to go with this story, but you having done all that waffling in the intro, there isn’t time to include them. No one was “thrilled” though. Surprisingly. But one man was “delighted”.