Mr Trick and Wrongtom return to the airwaves

By | Published on Wednesday 17 August 2011

Mr Trick & Wrongtom

It’s now nearly two years since one of our favourite radio shows, ‘Mr Trick And Wrongtom On Your Radio’, disappeared from the Resonance FM schedule. That’s nearly two years of feeling like we actually know a little bit about music. Thankfully, all that is to end later this month, when they will be making us feel stupid on a weekly basis once again. God, I’ve missed them.

Supported by clothing brand Fly53, the pair will broadcast from their new studio in Soho via Ustream from 7pm on 31 Aug. The show will then appear on Mixcloud and as a podcast.

Explaining their absence, some sort of disembodied voiceover boomed into our office yesterday: “Early this year, Wire and Guardian scribe Joe Muggs tracked the pair down to a small corner of Soho. Trick had sold his record collection and, in sheer desperation, was forced to take a job in the music industry. Tom refused to confirm rumours that he’d buried his prized records under Waterloo Bridge, but did admit that he’d remixed records for food”.

The voice continued: “Taking pity on the pair, Joe made some calls to see what could be done. A studio was cobbled together and clothes legends Fly53 stepped in to support the beleaguered presenters before they descended into a vortex of White Lightning and Happy Shopper tea”.

Mr Trick added: “This is a show about being a music fan; about hearing those glorious curveballs that blow your mind and the stories around them. It’s not about hearing things you know – it’s about hearing music you’ve never heard of and wanting to know more about it immediately”.

Find out more and listen live when the time comes at this URL.