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MTV VMAs move back to LA

By | Published on Thursday 24 April 2014


Well, the MTV Video Music Awards went to New York for a year, and it turned out to be such an embarrassment to the city it was sent straight back to LA, where morals are looser.

OK, the ceremony has alternated between the two cities (and once Miami) at irregular intervals since it began in 1984. One time it even took place in both cities at once. Madness. But after three years in LA, last year it switched to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Then there was that whole thing with Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. I’m sure we don’t need to dig that all up again, do we?

Anyway, the move back to LA actually comes as MTV takes advantage of being able to claim to be the first major awards ceremony to take place in the city’s newly spruced up Forum venue – beating the Emmy Awards by one whole day.

Says MTV President Stephen Friedman: “With its incomparable legacy as a world class music venue, the Forum is one of Southern California’s most iconic entertainment landmarks. The Forum has hosted some of the most legendary musical artists and performances ever seen and we can’t wait to add the 2014 Video Music Awards to this list and create the type of memorable moments that music fans will talk about for years to come”.

It’ll all take place on 24 Aug, by which time they’ll hopefully have thought up something really controversial to top last year’s event. That’s traditionally the date it’s said that Mount Vesuvius erupted and brought about the destruction of Pompeii. Maybe they could celebrate the 1935th anniversary of that by encasing Justin Bieber in lava.