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MTV’s official streaming chart to be first, ahead of 4Music’s official streaming chart which will be second

By | Published on Monday 14 April 2014

Official Charts Company

Now, I’m sure you all remember – because we reported it last week, and you re-read every story last night ahead of this morning’s test – how Box TV and Spotify recently announced an alliance that will see the former broadcast, and I quote, “the first ‘official streaming’ chart on music TV”. It kicks off tonight on Box’s 4Music channel at 6.30pm.

Though, as I think we pointed out at the time, that ‘official streaming’ chart isn’t THE official streaming chart, as in the one put together by the Official Charts Company, whose charts are so official they put it in their name. Rather it’s the Spotify chart made an official streaming chart by calling it The Official Box+ Streaming Chart. And why not?

But enough picking apart the second bit of Box TV Music Director Mark Adams’ quote about his network’s new show. Let’s pick apart the first bit instead. Because, presumably unbeknownst to him at the time, whether or not ‘The Official Box+ Streaming Chart’ is truly official, it’s certainly not going to be the ‘first’ streaming chart show to air on British telly.

Oh no, not at all. Because MTV has just announced that it will start broadcasting the Official Streaming Chart – as in the official chart of the Official Charts Company – from, wait for it, 5pm this afternoon! So more official and more first. Go MTV, you sneaky one-up-meisters you.

So that’s all very exciting, isn’t it? Two whole streaming music charts to choose from on your music television networks. And there was you thinking that no one cared about charts or music television anymore.