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Music helped Brits through lockdown, BPI research shows

By | Published on Thursday 8 April 2021


UK record industry trade group the BPI has published new research on the importance of music to the British public during lockdown. Stats show that many have listened to more music than usual over the last year, and that people have used their favourite songs to lift their spirits or just counteract boredom.

The study – carried out by AudienceNet in November last year – reckons that 28% of British people increased their music listening last year – up to 45% among 16-24 year olds. Half of the people surveyed said that they used music to lift their spirits, with 42% using it to aid sleep or relaxation. For 40% of people, it was a way to relieve boredom, and 27% of people said they used music to aid concentration while working.

“Music has many intrinsic additional benefits”, says BPI boss Geoff Taylor. “Not least in raising spirits and promoting wellbeing, but this new research underscores just how much of a lifeline it’s been for people since lockdown – inspiring and reassuring us and also helping many of us to work, study and exercise to greater effect. The transformational power of music to improve lives has rarely been more pronounced”.

The lockdown listening stats will be included in the BPI’s ‘All About The Music’ annual report, which also shows that music consumption in the UK was up 8.2% last year. UK music fans consumed 139 billion audio streams, and bought sixteen million CDs, nearly five million vinyl LPs, and over 150,000 cassettes in 2020.