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Music royalty reporting survey from FXR and CMU

By | Published on Wednesday 19 July 2023


FXR (pronounced ‘fixer’) provides artists and songwriters with a single platform to help manage their music royalties and has teamed up with CMU Insights to explore how different collecting societies around Europe report royalties to their members.

The research is part of a project co-funded by the European Union’s MusicAIRE programme and will result in a report later this year which will identify best practices in royalty reporting within the collective licensing system, and offer recommendations for artists, songwriters and their managers, as well as societies and policy-makers.

As part of the research, FXR and CMU are currently asking music creators and their managers about how they access and use the usage and royalty data offered by their collecting societies. That includes societies that represent the performing and mechanical rights in songs and those that operate on the recordings side.

Music creators and managers interested in sharing their insights as part of this research can do so right now in a brief online survey. Everyone who participates in the survey can also opt to enter a draw to win €250. You can fill out the survey here.