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Musicians join plea for government to protect BBC music services

By | Published on Friday 9 October 2015


A group of musicians, composers, music industry reps and other miscellaneous people have formally signed up to the music community’s campaign to save BBC Music from cuts in the broadcaster’s ongoing charter review.

As previously reported, the BBC’s Royal Charter is up for renewal, and with the current government keen to shut down anything and everything that might make people who live in the UK happy, the organisation is facing big budget cuts. Though the Beeb is remaining slightly optimistic, proposing things like the launch of its own streaming service.

Less optimistic is cross-music industry trade body UK Music, which has been developing its #LetItBeeb campaign to highlight all the important work the BBC does in bringing British acts to public attention and beyond. That initiative will formally launch at an event in Parliament on Monday. A petition is already gathering signatures, calling on the government to protect BBC music services from cuts.

Among the artists to so far sign up to the campaign are Paul McCartney, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Little Mix, Boy George, Rita Ora, Paul Epworth and Disclosure.

Various artists involved have provided quotes, all of which were included in the press release. It would be rude not to give them all their say, but we’re rapidly running out of space, so we’ll have to just give you the gist – especially as Bob Geldof’s quote was included twice (censored and uncensored). Anyway, I’m just using up more valuable space justifying this to you. Best get on with it…

Paloma Faith: “Kylie Minogue”

Bob Geldof: “F**k off”

Brian Eno: “For almost a hundred years”

Judith Weir: “I believe”

New Order: “It just doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?”

Rachel Portman: “The important issue of climate change”

Chrissie Hynde: “The BBC has no rival anywhere”.

Annie Lennox: “I don’t know whether I’d have become a performer”.

Bob Geldof: “Fuck off”

Seriously though, all you Tory bastards, get your fucking hands off the BBC. Here’s a website with more information.