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Mykki Blanco releases collaboration with REM’s Michael Stipe

By | Published on Wednesday 23 March 2022

Mykki Blanco

Mykki Blanco has teamed up with Michael Stipe for new single ‘Family Ties’, the first helping of new music that Blanco will put out this year.

“’Family Ties’ is the first song where I sonically found my voice and I mean that in a very literal way”, says Blanco. “It’s the first song in my entire career where I am singing, I don’t rap”.

“I wrote this song about the relationship between my ex-boyfriend and his father that has had bouts of mental illness”, they go on. “When the person you love is going through a situation that you can’t alter in any way, or help or be active in trying to correct, it not only hurts them but it hurts you. I think the core meaning of this song is compassion in the face of helplessness”.

On getting Stipe to add vocals to the track, Blanco explains: “[Producer] Falty DL and I took a shot at the moon – I sent him the song because it felt as if in some alternate universe Michael Stipe had already created it. His willingness to perform and be a part of this meant the world to me. I hope to just keep making good art and attracting meaningful circumstances and people that make this life and making music worthwhile. This on so many levels was one of those moments”.

Stipe himself adds: “Mykki has a gorgeous voice, resolute and strong. I’m THRILLED to have worked on ‘Family Ties’ – I love how the song turned out”.

Watch the video for ‘Family Ties’ here: