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Neneh Cherry endorses Robyn’s cover of Buffalo Stance

By | Published on Friday 4 March 2022


Robyn has released a new cover of Neneh Cherry’s ‘Buffalo Stance’, produced by Dev Hynes and featuring rapper Mapei.

Cherry – a longtime friend of Robyn – fully endorses the track. In fact, on streaming services Cherry is billed as one of the track’s performers, although she doesn’t appear to have had any involvement in the new recording.

Evangelising about Cherry, Robyn says that, as a ten year old in 1989 when Cherry’s debut album ‘Raw Like Sushi’ was released, she and a childhood friend “spent most of our summer playing cards and listening to ‘Raw Like Sushi’. Even though I didn’t understand all the words I knew that she was on my side. The power in her voice revealed truths about what it is like to be a girl without making excuses and was intensely inspiring to me. Ten year old me would have been completely blown away by this and that’s how I still feel now about Neneh Cherry and this powerful song”.

Cherry adds: “I love that I could write an essay with all the things I could say about Robyn and I love that she leaves me speechless at the same time. Her talent is soulful because she leads with her heart and spirit, she is absolutely there, ever present with honest intensity in her offerings which leave me blubbering with hairs standing erect on my arms and legs, dancing on my own talking to myself with a feeling that everything is going to be alright”.

“The first time I saw Robyn live in Stockholm with my daughter Mabel – then a young struggling teenager – she only said two things that night: ‘Hej Stockholm’ and – in the middle of a song – shouted out ‘MABEL!’”, she recalls. “Mabel was so happy I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Robyn gave everything and when she needed a pick-me-up she ate a banana. She stole my heart”.

“I’ve known Robyn for three decades, she is my sister, my friend, my family, a creative inspiration”, she goes on. “So to have Robyn doing her version of a new life interpretation of ‘Buffalo Stance’ is an absolute honour. And with Dev Hynes and Mapei, this is what dreams are made of!”

Listen to Robyn’s version of ‘Buffalo Stance’: