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New Beatport CEO as SFX rejigs management structure

By | Published on Tuesday 21 July 2015


EDM peddler extraordinaire SFX yesterday announced “a change in its overall organisational structure, designed to shift focus and emphasis to its brand-level operations from a centrally operated entity”. So that’s all nice and clear isn’t it?

One thing I do now is that it means Greg Consiglio, previously COO for SFX Entertainment, is now CEO and President of Beatport, the firm’s main online operation, best known as a dance music focused download store, but now with streaming and other dibs and dabs of EDM fun times thrown in for good measure.

Commenting on his new beat(port) – I thank you – Consiglio said: “This year marks the evolution of the Beatport brand beyond Beatport Pro, our music store, to a platform that includes music streaming, original video production, festival live streaming and editorial coverage of all that is happening in the exploding electronic music culture scene worldwide”.

He continued: “Beatport is a critical component of the overall SFX Entertainment strategy and will become an integral part of our live event business and fan experience from event listings and music curation to activations at all SFX events worldwide. I am really excited to take on this critical role within SFX and Beatport to help drive our vision forward as the home of electronic music”.

Elsewhere in the change to overall organisational structure, Wouter Tavecchio becomes CEO of SFX Europe and Jeroen Jansen becomes Creative Director of SFX Live North America. The firm has also set up a global steering committee featuring the aforementioned Consiglio alongside SFX Live CEO Ritty Van Straalen and SFX’s CFO Richard Rosenstein and brands man Kevin Arrix, plus various of the founders whose EDM start-up businesses SFX has gobbled up in recent years.

Confirming all of this, SFX overlord Robert FX Sillerman, who’s still busy trying to get his publicly listed company back into private ownership, told reporters: “We are moving to a more distributed organisational structure. We are pushing more of our operations to the local and regional levels around the world, as opposed to maintaining a corporate structure at the top”.