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New coaches for The Voice

By | Published on Monday 17 August 2015

The Voice

So remember ‘The Voice’, the talent franchise specifically designed for talented singers who aspire to a lifetime in obscurity? Well, when the damn thing returns to BBC screens next year it will have not one but two brand new judges and coaches on board, in the form of Boy George and Paloma Faith. They’ll join Ricky Wilson and for the fifth outing of the UK incarnation of the ‘Voice’ franchise.

George is “thrilled” about the new gig, while Faith is “excited”, but what, I’m sure you’re all wondering around about now, about Mr Jones? Because that there list of ‘Voice’ coaches did not include any mention of the mighty Tom.

“In good faith, as part of the team, I’d put the time in my schedule to be involved in series five as I’ve done so for the last four years” said Tom Jones on Facebook on Friday, revealing that his axing from the show had come as something of a surprise to him as well as to you.

“I’ve supported the show and the BBC since the beginning. But I was told yesterday, with no consultation or conversation of any kind, that I would not be returning. Having been through plenty of transformations throughout the years, I support and admire creative change. But being informed, as a matter of duty and respect, is an important part of creative relationships. This sub-standard behaviour from the executives is very disappointing”.

And he’s right. And I’m not sure various people associated with the show saying how much they’ll miss Jones in the customary press release will make up for that “sub-standard behaviour”. In fact, if I’d ever watched ‘The Voice’, I’d now be boycotting it in support of Tom. Though Jones himself added that he “wished the show well”.