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New Cure album “a sore point”, says Robert Smith

By | Published on Monday 31 March 2014

The Cure

Robert Smith has revealed that there is a new Cure album ready to release, and that it will probably come out this summer. Although he added that this is something of a “sore point” amongst the members of the group’s current line-up, because everything except Smith’s vocals was recorded six years ago when some of them were not members.

The album, Smith told Xfm’s John Kennedy, was recorded at the same time as 2008 long player ‘4:13 Dream’ (the band’s last release), but was held back because the singer was unhappy with his lyrics on it. With the words rewritten and the new vocals on tape, the album is ready to release, though since the music was recorded, guitarist Porl Thompson has left the group, replaced by Reeves Gabrels, and keyboard player Roger O’Donnell has rejoined. This new line-up now seemingly has a plan for another album, which this other record is holding up.

“We’re in a weird predicament because I finished singing and mixing an album that was made by a band that no longer exists”, said Smith. “I’m not sure [that] happens that often. [Now] this band is trying to make an album – and it’s an album that I’m tempted to make – that’s really different to anything else we’ve really done. So trying to be convinced that we should release an album that’s really the second half of an album that came out in 2008 is a bit of a sore point, to be honest, amongst this current line-up”.

Explaining the delay in releasing the album in the first place, he continued: “The album we brought out in 2008 was supposed to be a double album, and essentially it’s the other half of that, so it’s not really new. I just never sang it, because I couldn’t be bothered. I just didn’t think the words were good enough, [but] I’ve kinda rewritten it and sung it, and it’s good”.

He said that, despite the disputes with his bandmates, the album will now likely come out through Fiction “in that summer dead air period for albums”.

“It’ll be there, Cure fans will hopefully like it”, he added. “And everyone else will ignore it”.