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New Director General at CISAC

By | Published on Tuesday 2 September 2014


CISAC, the organisation that brings together music publishing collecting societies from around the world, has announced legal man Gadi Oron as its new Director General. He has been General Counsel for the Confederation since 2012.

Confirming the appointment, Jean Michel Jarre, in his role as President of CISAC: said: “Mr Oron has proven himself to be a great supporter of authors worldwide. He respects and loves creation. I have seen and have been impressed by his tireless work. Knowing his skills and passion, I am confident he will lead CISAC to new heights”.

Meanwhile Eric Baptiste, CEO of Canadian collecting society SOCAN, and currently Chair of the CISAC board, told reporters: “I am delighted that Mr Oron will lead CISAC as its new Director General. He has a unique combination of legal and strategic skills and we have witnessed his strong determination to promote the interests of the creative community”.

Oron, who previously worked for the record industry’s global grouping IFPI, noted his new job by saying: “I am very excited to take over the position of Director General. CISAC is a unique organisation and it is playing an incredibly important role for authors around the world. These are times of major challenges and great opportunities for authors. I look forward to assisting them and their societies in promoting an environment that protects and rewards creativity”.