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New documentary explores The Curse Of The Chills

By | Published on Wednesday 6 July 2016

Martin Phillipps / The Chills

A new documentary charting the career of New Zealand musician Martin Phillipps and his band The Chills – ‘The Curse Of The Chills’ – is to be screened in London next month, ahead of its official release next year.

The film charts The Chills’ initial success in New Zealand to being on the brink of international stardom, and the depression, anxiety and addiction that followed when that didn’t work out.

“I thought we were building a reputation that would sustain us through the expected highs and lows of any sort of career”, says Phillipps of the band’s rise to fame in the film’s trailer. “But it wasn’t like that. If I’d even read more proper rock history I would have known more about the pitfalls, and I didn’t. I really just thought I was forging my own trail. And, for better or worse, I kinda did”.

Phillipps himself will also appear for a Q&A and live performance at Mile End’s Genesis Cinema on 26 Aug.

Watch the trailer here: