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New Dre record confirmed for Friday, no Detox but it’s “bananas”

By | Published on Monday 3 August 2015

Dr Dre

So, Doc Dre this weekend took to the Beats, the Beats, the big fat Beats, the Beats, the Beats, the Beats, Beats, Beats, give me a B, what that spell, that’s right, it’s the one, the big fat one, get the Beats, the Beats, Beats, Beats, lock it in, here come the Beats… Beats 1. Which is, actually, the full name of Apple’s radio station, whatever Zane Lowe says.

Anyway, as expected, that there Dr Dre used his latest spot on Apple’s radio channel to announce a new record, all set to tie in with the release of the NWA biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’. Is it the official soundtrack? No. Is it Dre’s long waited new long player ‘Detox’? No. So what the hell is it? A record “inspired” by the movie featuring Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube, Xzibit and Snoop Dogg, that’s what the hell it is.

But where and when will you be able to get this exciting new folder of digitised recorded content? Well, on iTunes and Apple Music only, obviously. And as for when: this coming new, that’s new, new, new, it’s all new, all brand new new, oh for the new, the new new new, who knew, but hey which way, all on a day, get it on a Friday, all new Friday, music music music… New Music Friday. Which is, actually, the full name of the record industry’s new global release day, whatever Bruno Brookes says.

Anyway, said Dre of the new record: “I felt myself being so inspired by the movie that I started to record an album. It’s going to be my grand finale”. So, what can we expect from Dre’s musical swan song? “This record is bananas”, he says. So there you go, that’s something to look forward to. And, in case you wondered, ‘Detox’ is definitely never seeing the light of day because, in addition to a lack of bananas on that record, it simply “wasn’t good”.