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New paperless ticketing service Tixserve launches

By | Published on Wednesday 8 February 2017


A new paperless ticketing system, Tixserve, has launched. It claims to offer more flexibility and cheaper implementation than other rival services, while still providing protection from fraud and secondary ticketing.

Founders Patrick Kirby and Simon Goodale have previously worked for a number of companies providing digital transaction solutions, including Payzone. They now reckon they’ve cracked paperless ticketing, offering a white label platform through which ticket sellers can choose security levels, based on risk and show size, and also upsell other items to ticket buyers.

Addressing the various potential problems of smartphone-based tickets, they also say that their system can cope with ticket buyers running out of battery, having no signal, or losing their phone entirely.

“Tixserve is a better way of doing paperless ticketing”, says Kirby. “Unlike current offerings in this space, our solution doesn’t involve costly and slow blanket photo ID and credit card checks at the event venue. This means the system is simple and inexpensive for venues, and customers are able to get through the gates quickly – all without sacrificing cast iron security measures that will stop bots, duplicators and fraudsters in their tracks”.

He adds: “We look forward to working with those in the music business who want to tackle some of the biggest problems facing the live industry while at the same time improving the experience of music fans”.

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