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New series of white papers on Building Trust puts the spotlight on the copyright safe harbour

By | Published on Friday 5 March 2021

Friend MTS - Building Trust

A new series of white papers on the legal and ethical responsibilities of digital companies has been launched this week by content and platform security firm Friend MTS, in partnership with CMU Insights.

Platform responsibility and online harms have become big talking points in recent years, of course. Debates continue between the copyright industries, the tech sector, free speech advocates and the political community. However, it’s clear that the regulation of online platforms is going to increase in the years ahead, and that the corporate reputation of digital companies is going to increasingly depend on well thought out and communicated policies in this domain.

Launching the new series of white papers, Friend MTS says in a blog post: “It’s important that platforms, rights-holders and responsibility facilitators are all well informed to ensure and enable productive discussions around these topics. But understanding many of these issues means navigating often complex areas of law and contentious social debates”.

“To help inform and educate all the stakeholders”, it goes on, “we’ve teamed up with CMU Insights to present ‘Building Trust’, a series of white papers exploring the economic and social responsibilities of digital platforms and other online service providers”.

The first white paper puts the spotlight on the good old copyright safe harbour. It provides a user-friendly introduction to the principle itself and the various controversies it has caused in recent years, including around takedown systems, repeat infringers, user-upload platforms and fair use. It then looks at actual and proposed reforms of safe harbour rules in the European Union, US and UK.

You can download a free copy of the white paper from the Friend MTS blog here.

And you can find out more about the ‘Building Trust’ series here.