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New Shane Meadows documentary premieres via Noisey

By | Published on Tuesday 10 February 2015

Gavin Clark

Following on from his Stone Roses documentary, Shane Meadows has made another. Documentary that is. This one follows the story of a gig he convinced a friend to play in a living room.

Oh what? You want more detail than that? OK, Gavin Clark is a musician you probably haven’t heard of, but you’ve probably heard, because his music features in a lot of Meadows’ films. Despite this, in 2007 Clark found himself living in Stoke-On-Trent and working as a pizza delivery man.

The two hatched a plan to organise a gig in Clark’s living room to start his music career from scratch again. Meadows made a film about it. Which is this film. It’s called ‘The Living Room’.

It’s a nice little film, and is available to watch online now thanks to Noisey. You can watch it here: