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New Sufjan Stevens project Sisyphus to release album

By | Published on Monday 13 January 2014


Previously known as s/s/s, Sisyphus are to release their eponymous debut album on 17 Mar, through Asthmatic Kitty. The hip hop group, comprised of Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti, released an EP entitled ‘Beak & Claw’ in 2012, featuring contributions from Shara Worden and Doseone.

Discussing the creation of the album, Stevens explained: “Our intention was to make another EP, but there was a wellspring so we ended up with a full length. Ryan [Lott, aka Son Lux] just finished his record and I’m working on a ballet, so we had mad ideas. The first EP was the bastard stepchild of Myspace and We did it all remotely. For this one, we decided to make everything together in the same room. And it was a very small room. Things got messy. There was a lot of Axe body spray and menthol cigarettes and red wine”.

He continued: “The whole thing was done in three weeks total. Fast and furious. Geti kept saying what happens when the jams come on Spotify at the frat party? Are they singing at the hook, is the bass thumping, are the girls grinding? Lowest-case scenario. I mean, seriously, this is far from frat party music, it’s still heady as shit, but that was our objective, to trust our impulse and make it fun, for whatever it’s worth”.

Sounds like fun. Check out the lead track, ‘Calm It Down’ here: