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New website offers guides on festival safety

By | Published on Thursday 26 April 2018


A new website launches today called Festival Safe. It aims to act as a hub of information about staying safe at festivals, with simple advice like remembering to pack wellies to information on how to report a crime at a major music event.

The initiative has been set up by Broadwick Live’s Jon Drape, who oversees UK festivals such as Festival No 6, Field Day and Standon Calling.

“I’ve worked and attended hundreds of different festivals and events over the years”, says Drape. “I’ve literally heard it all, from hypothermia in July to people not realising they have to bring their own tents”.

He continues: “Eventually you see patterns emerge and festival goers making the same mistakes and getting in the same jams year in year out. It was at this point that I realised no one had laid out a manifesto for how to have a great experience and not a festival fail. That’s ultimately what Festival Safe is – a one-stop shop for how to have the best possible time”.

The aim is not to preach, he adds: “It’s not a rule book to batter people around the head with, it’s a considered and knowing guide drawn from decades of collective experience, good and bad, to ensure everyone has an amazing time from first-timers to seasoned veterans”.

The website covers areas such as what to expect as a festival first-timer, alcohol and drugs, camping, sexual health, mental wellbeing, attending with young children and more. Check it out here.